You carry around a video camera in your pocket.
When should you bring in the professionals?

Entire feature films have been shot on iPhones. Some of them are even quite good. And you don’t have to be a Hollywood Director to take advantage of advances in technology. Employees are creating valuable video content in-house.

So why bring in a production company for some projects?


It can be hugely beneficial to collaborate with a production company ahead of your first major video campaign. Even if you handle a number of the subsequent videos internally, it is often valuable to consult with experienced professionals at the outset.

Effective video marketing campaigns require more than just a concept. They need to set a tone that communicates who you are and what you offer. A hugely successful example of this is the original Dollar Shave Club ad.

Dollar Shave Club devised a high-risk, high-reward game plan with their production company. This approach is not for everyone. The ad is an often-cited example of using humour to sell products. Less widely known is the fact that the CEO who stars in it attended comedy classes for eight years. He is a genuinely funny man who worked with partners to align his marketing with his personality.

How did it go? Five years later, Dollar Shave Club sold to Unilever for one billion dollars. That's a billion with a “B”. It can certainly be worth bringing in a production company early to develop a style and set out a roadmap.


Some projects are only viable when working with a production company. (Unless you happen to be blessed with professional filmmakers on your payroll, of course). This especially applies to campaigns designed to build your brand.

Apple are masters of building brand association. In three minutes they succeed in hammering home the message that ‘Apple = Creativity’. Simultaneously, key features of their products are highlighted throughout the tightly presented narrative.

High production values often exceed the capabilities of in-house staff. However, they are particularly suited to PPC campaigns. If you’re spending money to promote content, use some of that budget to make sure you produce content worth promoting.


Content marketing requires… content. More specifically, video campaigns targeted at social media feeds need to regularly update ads shown to avoid consumer fatigue.

Sometimes less is more. Other times - it isn’t.

StarLeaf is a cloud-based video conferencing solution. We have produced over forty videos for them, including adverts, promos, case studies and tutorials.

What are the benefits of such a long-term partnership? In short - focus.

“An important re-engineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competence and outsource everything else.”

Bill Gates

Producing videos in a variety of formats in high volume requires specialists. Delegating this work to us empowers StarLeaf to maintain their focus on the customers.

There is value in handling some projects in-house. But whenever strategy, skill or scale are vital to success - it often pays to bring in some help.


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