Unsure what you should be making?
Ask your customers.

If Google and Facebook were ancient gods, they would require fresh content as a sacrifice each morning. (Alongside details of where you’ve been, with who and for how long - but that’s a thought for another day). You must keep feeding this duopoly, or they soon get bored and look elsewhere. Their appetite is endless. Their attention span is not.

So, you obey. You start producing content and… it’s easy. You reel off a few blog posts and wonder how people manage to charge for this. It’s only writing about what you know.

Not exactly rocket science.

Until that fateful day when squeezing one more article from your weary brain feels exactly like rocket science. Combined with brain surgery. While juggling chainsaws.

By this point you’ve become a pretty decent content creator. The problem isn’t technique. You’re not sure what to make.

I don’t have the answer. But your customers do.

That was a key point I took from Matthew Creswick of The B2B Marketing Lab at his recent seminar.

"If your customers are asking your Sales team about it,
you should have a piece of content about it."

Sounds simple. But it's funny how often we overlook the obvious.

Don't stare at a blank screen praying for inspiration to strike you - ask your customers. In fact, you probably don't need to ask them. They're already telling you. Listen to your Sales team, your Customer Support team... your Mum. Anyone who doesn't understand something about your product, service or industry.

Make things people want.


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